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Maximizing Space in Your Rent Flat

When renting a small flat with limited space, the furniture you choose can make your home feel like a tiny dungeon or a spacious palace. The color, size and functionality of your furniture will determine whether or not it will complement your small rent flat.

The style of furniture you choose will play a big role in how spacious your rent flat will feel. You want to choose furniture that will make your space as functional as possible; this will give your small space a big feel. When you live in a small space you must remember, less is more.

Large pieces will overpower the space, while sleek useful pieces will add charm to the room. If you choose a sofa that is too big for the area it will make the room feel small and crowded while a smaller sofa will add space to your room.

You may also want to try a small breakfast table instead of a large dining table. You can easily save space by limiting the amount of furniture you need.

A great example is that you could use a small dresser as a bedside table which will eliminate the need for another piece of furniture.

When choosing a coffee table, be sure to buy one with drawers underneath, that adds valuable storage space and in a small rental flat there is no room for waste.

A futon is a great way to save space in an efficiency flat.
A futon is a piece that folds into a bed or a couch. If a futon will not work for you, another great space saver is a loft bed. It can even be placed right over the couch or dresser.

Create even more storage by using a decorative box as a side table. With a little creativity you will find multiple uses for most of your furniture.

Color is an easy way to add the illusion of space. If you are allowed to paint your rent flat, you should do so. If your contract prevents you from painting, hang a tapestry on the wall, this is a great way to add some color.

When choosing a color, choose a soft hue. Neutral and pale colors are great choices to create the feeling of more space. Dark colors should be avoided because they will make the room feel smaller. If you love dark colors uses those with your accessories but avoid putting them on the walls. If you enjoy patterns use vertical stripe to create the appearance of high ceilings or pick wallpaper with a simple design.

Renting a small flat can save you a bundle every month, especially if you live in a crowded city. The lack of space can sometimes be hard to deal with but by choosing the right kind of furniture, you can make a small living space seem like more than enough.

It’s all about creativity; take a step back and think to yourself is my furniture as functional as it could be. If not it might be time to redecorate.